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Analysis of Customer Satisfaction and Competition

Good customer relationships are increasingly becoming a strategic success factor. Customer satisfaction is a central prerequisite for the success of the company. We analyze for you which of your services should be expanded, but also for which there is acute need of improvement. What do your customers need as an absolute basis, what can fill your customers with enthusiasm? The strengths and weaknesses of one's own company are often relative and are influenced by the performance of the competitiors. An analysis of the satisfaction of the (competitors) customers with the competitors can therefore often enrich the analysis of one’s own customers.

Analysis of Market Potential

The size of a sales market decisively influences the attractiveness of a market. We support you in identifying the attractiveness and the quantitative potential for new and existing products. This can be analyzed globally or also for specific regions such as federal states or counties or for certain customer groups. Concrete questions relate, for example, to the type and size of possible customer groups, their average demand and their requirements regarding a product or service

Analysis of Image and Public Opinion Research

The image of a product, a brand or a company is often of great importance in various phases of the purchase-decision-process. Which impact does the image have on your customers, how does it influence the product selection, which image properties are particularly dominant and how can the image be changed if necessary in order to achieve better success in the market?

On the political and public level, such questions lead to public opinion research, up to the classical representative Sunday question, which we, for example, ask time and again commissioned by media companies.

Workshops, Seminars und Trainings


Information requirements are not always clear. In complex management decisions, employees from various areas of the company are sometimes involved with a wide range of analysis wishes. Our workshops help you to synchronize the information requirements and to identify an optimal budget-adapted methodology. You can use the results in a variety of ways, for example, as guide for your own market research or as tender document.  


Seminars / Trainings

In our individual seminars, we provide you with a broad range of basics of market research - from the correct formulation of the research needs, via necessary foundations, of e.g. customer satisfaction and the selection of the correct surveying instruments in qualitative and quantitative market research to the targeted analysis of your data, e.g. using SPSS software. The high goal in all seminars and trainings is always the direct application in your company.


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