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"Prof. Dr. Thomas Dobbelstein has been teaching at our university for many years. His teaching program "International Market- and Competition Research" is one of the highlights of the business management master's degree in International Marketing & Sales, both in German and English. Prof. Dobbelstein is able to convey specialist knowledge on a scientific level in a unique way and, at the same time, to show directly to the students the relevance of the learned by means of practical references, examples and even his own deep experience. Teaching at this level is one of the key success factors in our extra occupational study programs. We appreciate his scientific expertise not only in teaching events but also in the supervising of demanding scientific work. In his unique way Prof. Dobbelstein himself has become a brand at our university - for insiders: Don´t panic, the ultimate answer is 42."


Prof. (FH) Dr. Markus Ilg

Program Director Business

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

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